Magic Article Rewriter (MAR) is an article spinner rewriter software program by Alexander Krulik that allows you to multiply any one article into dozens or hundreds via semi automated replacement of words and phrases within the article by means of the built in synonym database.

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Use of Magic Article Rewriter content spinner is a fairly simple and straightforward process:

  1. Launch MAR.
  2. Input or type an article in the program main interface.
  3. Click on the first word in the article. Magic Article Rewriter will automatically select words and/or whole phrases there are synonym replacements for. The available synonyms dialog box allows you to select appropriate potential replacements for the selected words and phrases.
  4. When you are done selecting all possible word or phrase replacements for the selected word or phrase click the right arrow button on the synonyms dialog box. Magic Article Rewriter will automatically select the next word or words there are synonym replacements for.
  5. Continue doing this until the entire article is properly formatted.
  6. Click the 'Rewrite Article' button to create a fresh newly spun article one at a time or the 'Mass Rewrite Article' button to output and save as many rewritten versions of the original article as you wish.

Magic Article Rewriter has over 100,000 synonym replacement words and phrases in its built in database. The amount of time taken to perform the steps above to format an article to prepare it for output varies depending upon the length of the article but generally article preparation takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Magic Article Rewiter allows you to set and define tokens which are saved groups of synonym replacements which speed up article rewrite preparation even more.

Magic Article Rewriter costs a one time $47, comes with a 8 week customer money back satisfaction guarantee and can be downloaded from their website at The Magic Article Rewriter website was created April 2009.